Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message:

Welcome for having inquisitiveness to know about Dashrath Deb Memorial College Khowai, one of government colleges of Tripura through visiting the contents of this website. Students, parents, faculty members of the college welcome one and all for an overall-development of the students' body, mind and spirit. Education is a tripolar system, where students, educators and society play pertinent partfor the development of one and all with innovative practices in teaching learning process. The college is striving to bring out change in the behaviour of the students by inculcating social, moral, cultural, ethical,environmental, literary, logical, philosophical,political, historical, and human values. The college is working hard to achieve the optimum goal through cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain. The faculty members are imbibing knowledge by enabling students to understand, comprehend, compete and apply the learning in the society. Their interest, attitude, values and justification-oriented capabilities are being developed through their courses. The state, nation and global level interest, requirements of the students are being looked after with proper functions and principles of management. The College is adhering new national education policy 2020. The skill development-oriented spirit in all aspects of teaching learning processes of the college is being performed well among all students by understanding the need of the hour and rural pupils. The teachers with their reforming and scientific attitude are striving to extirpate the social evils and superstitions. The procurement of required equipment, purchase of books, modernising of the infrastructure, providing pure and cool water, neat and clean green environment.  Updating of the library is being undertaken for smooth and efficient functioning of the college. Innovative practices in teaching learning process and research are pertinent part of education in present competitive scenario. The College is organising seminars to develop research-oriented activities among budding researchers and the teachers.Senior teachers are inspiring and motivating students to have learning attitude in research activities.Students are being taught through co-curricular activities like debate,extempore,symposium, institutional, state and national level seminars.The inculcation of national- spirit, culture, modern research techniques methodologies and human values-oriented habits are being undertaken to facilitate the advancement of the research activities in the college in different disciplines with the supports and help of various researchers.The college is organising workshop to enable the ministerial staff to maintain proper record of all letters, files and folders. They are being trained to work on computer by the faculty members of IT department. Every Department is striving to achieve the excellence at par with urban colleges even with less amenities. The NSS unit of the college is contributing to enable society to live in neat and clean environment, making them to lead a healthy and hygienic life. The NSS unit is also enable the rural people to take the proper diet, nutritious food, grow plants, herbs and hybrids, include protein in their food to increase immunity and be protected from Covid-19. The students are playing prominent part in this regard by visiting thenearby villages. The college welcome you to be a part of teaching learning processes, innovative practices. The college is enabling students to be humane because of inculcation of faith, sincerity, discipline, dutifulness, dedication, devotion, sacrifice, scientific attitude, national integration, unity in diversity, and behavioural attitude. The college is also enabling students to learn from the national leaders who have contributed for the betterment of society and nation.


                                                                                                      Dr. B.C. Das

                                                                                               Dasaratha Deb Memorial College,

                                                                                                         Khowai - 799201