The College is imbibed a blend of value based education as a part of its curriculum. The cultural initiatives have always been a part of it. Any such kind of endeavor always perceived with great enthusiasm and courage. The faculty and students make such kind of initiatives, a glimpse of which are as follows---

  1. Foundation Day celebration.
  2. Fresher’s welcome ceremony. 
  3. International Mother Tongue Day celebration.
  4. Saraswati Puja. 
  5. Independence Day celebration.
  6. Sukanta Birth Day celebration. 
  7. Republic Day celebration.
  8. Netaji Birth Day celebration.
  9. Raksha Bandhan. 
  10. Van-Mahotsav Day celebration by plantation. 
  11. International Human Rights Day celebration.

Cultural annual activities: Banamahasob, Briksharopon, Barshamangal etc. Dasaratha Deb Memorial College publishes its College magazine annually and a quarterly Wall-magazine titled “Prachay” with significant contributions from the students.The committee encourages the students to actively participate in events like Inter-college Science Drama competition, Essay Competition and other state level cultural event. The college encourages students to participate in co-curricular cultural activities