Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry
Brief Profile of the Department:
Established in 1991, the Department of Chemistry at DDMC, Khowai has marked its strong presence in academia within Tripura and North-East part of India. During initial days, teaching was confined to B.Sc. (Pass) course only. Later on the department could able to start Chemistry (Honours) course to fulfill the demand of the students of Khowai and Dhalai district of Tripura. The faculty members are focused in both teaching and research in the frontier areas of chemistry. The department of chemistry promotes exchange of ideas, thoughts, and the highest ethical standards among the students and constantly strives to produce competent graduates for careers in academia, industry and administration. The department is also involved in outreach programs for welfare of the Khowai district. The students graduated from here are very much successful in achieving various jobs in different sectors.
Year of Establishment: 1991
Head of the Department: Dr. Surajit Biswas
Courses offered: Undergraduate
B.Sc. (General):  Credit Based Six-Semester Degree Programme 
B.Sc (Honours): Credit Based Six-Semester Degree Programme 
Intake Capacity:
B.Sc. (General): 66 nos.
B.Sc. (Honours): 22 nos.
1. Laboratory Facilities: 
The Department of chemistry has two laboratories one for B.Sc. (General) courses and another for B.Sc. (Honours) courses.
2. Equipments Available:
     • Electronic Balance
     • Magnetic Stirrer
     • Rotatory Evaporator
     • Vacuum Pump
     • Conductometer
     • pH Meter
     • Potentiometer 
     • Melting point apparatus 
     • Laboratory oven
     • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer 
     • Centrifuge Equipment 
     • Temperature controlled water bath
     • Hot plate
3. Departmental Library: 
A small library is functioning in the Department to enrich the minds of the students. It also extends ready references for Teachers also.
4. Other Facilities (If any): Nil
Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized:
1. Science Academies’ lecture workshop on ”Frontier in Advanced Bio-Chemical Science” sponsored by Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore on 25-27th February, 2015.
2. “Recent Trends on Material Science” in collaboration with Association of Chemistry Teacher on 1st March2016.
3. “Chemistry Today and Tomorrow for Better Future” sponsored by UGC on 5-6th   August, 2016.
Project  Completed: Three nos.
1.  UGC Minor Research Project (2015-2017) on:
    “Synthesis characterization and oxidative catalytic potentiality of transition metal 
     Principal Investigator: Dr. Subhajit Dinda
2.  UGC Minor Research Project (2015-2017) on:
     “Synthesis and diels-alder cycloaddition reactions of 14-Hydroxycodeinone”
     Principal Investigator: Dr. Saikat Das Sharma
3. UGC Minor Research Project (2015-2017) on:
     “Adsoprtion of dye on to Polyelectrolyte/surfactant complex fabricated by layer by 
       layer technique”
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Banti Ganguly
On-going Project: Nil
Other Activities
Student’s Activity (If any): Nil
Departmental Out-reach activities (If any): Nil