Department of Human Physiology

Department of Human Physiology

About Department

Brief Profile of the Department:

The Department of Human Physiology, DDM College, Khowai was established in the year 2010. Since then the Department successfully conducting Under graduate course in B.Sc. Bioscience. In 2014 new semester system was introduced by the University and thereafter in the year 2016 TDPH Honours course was commenced.

As a part of the course curriculum, of undergraduate programme, the department have three distinct laboratory furnished with relevant equipments, instruments and chemicals.

Since inception the department successfully able to provide quality teaching to their students not only covering  theoretical syllabus but also fulfilling their practical syllabus with utmost care.   Every year the department  successfully carrying out Diet and Nutritional survey programme, field visit, project programme  as a part of the curriculum.

After establishment the department of Human Physiology have also been involved  in different co-curricular activities by participating in the State Science Fair, Students Project Programme etc.

After successful completion of the under graduate programme, students of the department are regularly getting admission in the PG courses offered by the University. 

The department of Human Physiology  dynamically  working with an objective to provide necessary quality teaching along with essential  educational and infrastructural facilities to students as well as to the faculty members of the department towards the goal of proper guidance and carrier development of students.

Year of Establishment: 2010

Head of the Department: Dr. Dilip Ch. Muhuri

Courses offered: Undergraduate

B.Sc. (General):  Credit Based Six-Semester Degree Programme

B.Sc (Honours): Credit Based Six-Semester Degree Programme

Intake Capacity:

B.Sc. (General): 30 nos.

B.Sc. (Honours): 10 nos.

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  1. Laboratory Facilities:
  2. Biochemistry Laboratory
  3. Histology Laboratory
  4. Experimental Laboratory
  5. Human Physiology Laboratory


  1. Equipments Available:
  • ECG Machine;
  •  Hand Grip Dynamometer;
  • Skin Fold Calipars;
  • Digital Spirometer with Software;
  • Anthropometric Kit;
  • Digital Blood Pressure Machine;
  • Sphygmomanometer (Mercurial and Dial Type);
  • Stethoscope;
  • Weight Machine;
  • Colour Vision Chart; R
  • eflex Hammer with rubber pad;
  • Compound Microscope;
  • Haemocytometer;
  • Haemoglobinomiter;
  • Digital Table Top Centrifuge;
  • Single Stage Glass Distillation Apparatus;
  • Hot Air Oven with Thermostatic Control;
  • Double Pan Balance (Physical Balance);
  • Visible Spectrophotometer;
  • Kymograph
  1. Departmental Library:  Yes
  2. Other Facilities (If any): Nil

Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops organized: Nil


Project  Completed: Nil

On-going Project: Nil

Other Activities

Student’s Activity (If any):

  1. Successfully conduct Project work as per the part of course curriculum.
  2. Participation of students in the State Science Fair/ Students project.
  3. Arrangement of Special lectures for the students.

Departmental Out-reach activities (If any):

  1. Nutritional and Diet survey in different parts of Khowai including remote tribal areas.
  2. Organizing Blood Group Determination Camp in the College.